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Hi my name is Mike and I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about me and my project.

I have been designing, building and rebuilding aircraft for about 30 years. I have been teaching flying as a Certified Flight Instructor since the mid 1980’s. I am, as of this writing, one of only 2 certified Weight shift instructors in my state.

My project is simple and straight forward. I am going to build an ultralight weight shift trike and document the process by means of videos, photos and cad drawings. I will also be writing a book filled with detailed accounts of the process including exact cad drawings of every part.

This book will be made available for sale as a “How I Did It” book on this website, Mike’s Trikes. Anyone that donates $100.00 or more (Gold Membership), will receive a free copy of this ebook when it is finished.

 If you are a Gold Member, you will have access to the chapters of the book on the web as they are completed and up loaded. you will also have access to all web based information on this project. This book will be finished and made available to all members in an on going process.

All visitors will have access to the knowledge base which includes technical data as well as my project outline.

 The plan is to have the book completed when the aircraft is completed. The flight testing portion of the project will be documented on video and uploaded to the website.

The website will be developed and have a web presents by the time funding has started.

I have flown and taught flying for many thousands of hours and would love to share with the world an inexpensive way to get started in the world of sport flying.

Here are some of the highlights of my project .

I am a firm believer that flying does not have to be expensive. You can build an ultralight trike for under 10k complete and ready to fly. Actually, I have built one for under 5k by looking for good used parts for the project.

This project will show how I build an ultralight trike from scratch. How I acquire an engine and which one to look for. Where to get a new wing at a reasonable price. Where to get the raw materials to use on the project. I am going to create detailed cad drawing of every part and build the parts in my shop to show how I did it.

I will be talking about and showing welding, lathe work, fabrication technique and jig making. Fiberglass work, painting, and finish work. Electrical wiring panel making and instrument and switch mounting.

Everything I do to complete this project will be shown in detail.

When the project is complete, I will be going through the weight and balance procedures as well as all the test flying procedures and conclusions.

Please consider helping me with this project. I will be doing this in 2 phases. In the first phase I will be building the trike itself and installing the engine and instruments. I will be trying to raise 7k for this phase. In the second phase I will be buying and installing the wing and doing the test flying. I will be trying to raise 7k for this phase. Each phase will stand on its own.

Throughout the process I will be writing a book on every aspect of the process and creating videos to show exactly what I am doing. I will be creating cad drawings of every part on the trike which is fabricated from raw materials. There will be a source page on the website to show where I got all other parts. My Store will have some prefabricated parts that are hard to make by hand.

Take the time to read this page and check out the levels of gifts you will get for helping with this project. The gifts will be yours to keep no matter what. Thank you and please be as generous as possible to make this dream come true for me and many of you as well.