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Mike’s Trikes

Hi my name is Mike and I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about me and my project.

I have been designing, building and rebuilding aircraft for about 30 years. I have been teaching flying as a Certified Flight Instructor since the mid 1980’s. I am, as of this writing, one of only 2 certified Weight shift instructors in my state.

My project is simple and straight forward. I am going to build an ultralight weight shift trike and document the process by means of videos, photos and cad drawings. I will also be writing a book filled with detailed accounts of the process including exact cad drawings of every part.

The book and all its associated videos will be made available for sale as a “How I Did It” book on this website, Mike’s Trikes as well as other popular book sellers.

Anyone that donates $100.00 or more (Gold Membership), will receive a free copy of this ebook when completed, and get access to the web base book chapters and videos as they are finished.